Introducing Bailey, Hearing Dog for the deaf and canine celebrity!


Hello, I’m Bailey, celebrity Hearing Dog working with deaf people, and Company Mascot for 121 Captions. You can just call me cute!

It’s not easy being this adorable. Oh, what am I saying, it’s very easy. Even though I say so myself I am quite the loveliest hearing dog I know (have you seen me in my green jumper?).

And I know how to work it. Tina, my deaf owner, thinks she gets into places with me because of some anti-discrimination law called the Equality Act. But I know it’s because I put on my super-cute look and tilt my head in a way that no-one can resist. Well, apart from that manager in All Bar One in Wimbledon, but for their sake we’ll draw a veil across that incident.

For those not familiar with my work my starring role is as a hearing dog (for my fans in the US that’s a service dog for people who are deaf). I was trained by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to alert my deaf owner, Tina, to sounds she can’t hear such as the doorbell, her alarm clock, the fire alarm and people trying to get her attention.

It’s taken dedication to get where I am. I’ll admit it initially came as a shock that my good looks and charming personality weren’t enough for me to become a hearing dog for a deaf person. Instead, I had to train for 2 years to ensure I was perfect for the role. And after I graduated I was checked a year later to make sure I remembered all I learnt. I got a 5-star review for that performance, natch.

You may already have come across me on my Facebook fanpage. I’m used to my followers spotting me when I’m out and about, and that can be a bit tricky. When I’m working (or in character as I like to think of it) I wear my special Hearing Dogs for Deaf people burgundy coat. It’s my celebrity equivalent of shades and gives the same message – please keep back! I’m not being stand-offish – I love my fans, especially when they offer a back scratch – but I’m doing important work. To give a great performance as a hearing dog and look after my deaf owner I need space to be able to concentrate. So, lovely peeps, before rushing up to stroke me, or take selfies with me, please check for the coat.

In this blog I’m going to be giving you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the real world of being a hearing dog for a deaf person. It’s an awesome life. I get to go places most dogs don’t even get to sniff! So, stay tuned if you want to hear all about my life in the deaf world, and my exploits with my BFFs.


Bailey x